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Download Star Wars Rebellion PC Game 1998

The game started right after the Battle of Yavin and the destruction of the Death Star. The Galactic Empire was ready to strike back against the Rebel base of Yavin 4, while the Rebel Alliance was readying to move to another system.

Download Star Wars Rebellion PC Game 1998

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An additional aspect is the random way that Force-sensitivity is determined. Characters that have no known Force abilities outside of this game, such as Chewbacca or Piett, can randomly be generated as Force-sensitive at the start of a new game and trained up to Jedi Master level.

One of the main problems of Rebellion, and surely one of the reasons for its lack of success, was its rather limited gameplay.This problem was solved when a player named Revolution released his Rebellion Editor (or RebEd). This program allowed the player to easily edit many aspects of the game, from ship power to in-game interface.These modifications could be saved as "cards," which could then be loaded by any other person who had the Editor. Thanks to this, a solid community has been growing, which offered over a thousand cards to download freely.

Actually, this is a better fit than most genres Star Wars has tried to squeeze into. These are the games like Masters of Orion and Space Empires - simulators requiring you to start small in funds and equipment, and best your opponent in securing both to seize control of the galaxy. In fact, many of the technologies or ships in these games borrow, often liberally, from the Star Wars films. So a game with the benefit of the license should do gangbusters, right?

Rebellion has some fantastic ideas, and one benefit of the Star Wars license is that it makes for a shorter learning curve than most similar games, if you've seen the movies. You'll be more familiar with the tech and the terms. And, through time and persistence, you can build the Death Star and start blowing up every planet in your way.

Rebellion was the first Star Wars game to attempt the 4x recipe: star fleet commerce, waging of war, exploration and final conquest. But, having paid close attention to Elite, Master of Orion, to Secret Operations and so many others, the game manages a very good rendition of what most fans would expect from such a game. As you would expect there will be a lot of real time combat but also portions that are handled turn by turn. You will be able to control the entire range of processes that a 4X game brings forth: the production facilities, the troops and star-ships, your fleet deployment and so on.Basically, you're going to be a Star Wars military administrator and have your decisions send ripples of repercussions on the universe itself, an expanded version of the classic Star wars galaxy. Talking of exploration, you will have a lot to uncover, both dangers as well as resources lurking in the depths of space. You are presented with a sector based map with as many as 10, 15 or 20 sectors, depending on how much opposition you want per game. With the help of 3CPO as an adviser you might stand a chance, but Rebellion is a hard game. Later 4X games allow a lot more automation freeing you to only play as much as you feel like or want to, but Rebellion will pretty much force you into a lot more management and decision-making. But if you're up for it, the game is really great.

SW Rebellion is most in depth and accurate SW game I've ever played. The size and scope of the galaxy is portrayed excellently. Time passes perfectly and the number of personnel at your disposal is grand indeed. Just the fact that as Vader you are able to feel the force sensitive characters and train them in the ways of the force provides enough fun to keep me coming back. I've played at least a hundred times and have yet to have a game play out the same way. This goes along ways towards replayability. Whats better than creating massive fleets and dominating the galaxy with an iron fist or freeing it from the oppression of the galactic empire. The in depth fleet battle cube gives you ultimate control over massive battles. Playing Head to Head is the ultimate test of ones strategic and tactical mind. To me this way surpasses any real time strategy game I've ever played. And I've played em all. How can one not download this and grin in amusement at Vader reports "My mission has succeeded"!

In this strategy game you can either take the side of the Rebels or that of the Empire.Goal of the game is to conquer other planets in the system and convert them to your side. This can be done politically or by force.This is the full iso rip with speech and cutscenes. Enjoy your stay with 3CPO, cause he can talk a lot and help you around in the game.May the force be with you.or as said on star wars day; May the Forth be with you by Latis

Rebellion is a old enough game. It has been released in 1998. Still, it is a great game that stands the test of time, in my opinion. A strategic kind of game, it proposes a galaxy with 200 planets at most and tactical aspect plus strategic space battles. If you ask me, that would be one of the better RTS game out there, way better than EaW and SWGB. A while ago, a mod was made to enhance the quality of the game, which is somewhat graphically updated, not to mention that its AI is somehow weak. Still, I was not entirely satisfied with-it and decided to base my own mod on this one and change a lot of things: game balance, choice of ship and characters, graphic interface enhancement, planet icons and encyclopedia pictures updates. Of course, the game requires somewhat old machines. It would be pretty hard to get the game to run on a new computer with W7 64-bit. But my W7 32 bit laptop actually handle-it pretty well, so no need for a 90 years old PC. If such a project may interest you, I invite you to visit my thread over at

The game starts with some wonderful cinematic sequences in the tradition of all Star Wars movies to date. It then puts you in the cockpit of a shuttle where you must make the decision to command either the Rebel Alliance or the Empire. Once a side is chosen, you will be taken to your Command Center where you will be briefed by your protocol droid (C3P0 if you are commanding the Alliance or IMP-22 if commanding the Empire) about the current situation and, more importantly, about the Galactic Information Display (GID). This real-time game is divided into two modes: strategy and tactical. It begins with the strategy mode.

Man, LucasArts really went hard on the Naboo-themed games in the late '90s and early 2000s, huh? Set during the events of The Phantom Menace, this arcade shooter is, loosely, a sequel to the highly entertaining Rogue Squadron. In it you play as ace pilot Gavyn Sykes, shooting down Trade Federation fighters, dodging air mines, and piloting a bunch of vehicles, including the famously yellow Naboo N-1 starfighter. Not bad, but clearly a clumsily retro-fitted Nintendo 64 game.

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