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[S1E1] Fresh Paint

Max decides that to get them to move, you should ruin Victoria's day. To do this, you must first tamper with the paint bucket that is just to the left of where they are sitting. Then you will need to run further down the path, and enter the maintenance room. Turn on the sprinklers and this will cause the girls to stand up, which will then cause the paint to fall on them. You only have about 15 seconds to do all this, so if you take to long, or mess up, rewind time to the beginning and try again until you get it right.

[S1E1] Fresh Paint

Chip and Joanna first redid the landscape by replacing the overgrown trees with a concrete walkway and wooden planters. They then squared off the windows and entryway, and painted the brick with a fresh coat of white paint. To establish the color contrast that Lucas and Laney envisioned for their home, Chip and Joanna offset the white brick façade with black roof shingles.

Chip and Joanna replaced the closets with two single-sink vanities, painted both the walls and ceilings with the same dark green they used in the kitchen, added a bathtub, and installed white-marbled porcelain flooring.

Andrew: I'm saying, do you always have to serve cuisine? Can't we ever just have food?Bree: Are you doing drugs?Andrew: What?Bree: Change in behavior is one of the warning signs and you have been as fresh as paint for the last six months. That certainly would explain why you're always locked in the bathroom.Danielle: Trust me, that is not what he is doing.Andrew: Shut up

and because he saw what everyone else was doing he decided to add a painted green canopy above the bed which on paper sounded like a panicked brainfart and I thought this was going to be the end of sweet cinnamon bun. Alas it actually payed off very well

In the end it proved more a hinderance and kind of made both the bed and the room as a whole look much smaller than they actually were. It did at least give her time to work on her paintings of Alan and Michelle which are both highly accurate and almost offensive 041b061a72


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